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Founded in 2016, SUMāTO is recognized among IT and business consulting services firms for its expertise in implementing Cloud solutions. SMT offers comprehensive services and solutions, including strategic planning consulting, integration, and cloud managed services.

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Who we Are

We believe in the meaning of consulting, in the methodology and procedures, with 20 years of experiences in corporate clients, SMT was born to bring value to our clients with an end-to-end model:  design +  implementation + management and support.

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What we believe

Design, develop and promote ideas that solve technological challenges, SMT is with you every step of the way. We stand out in the business of human potential in consulting and we believe in its power to shape strategic, organizational, economic, social change leveraged on technological solutions.

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The SMT Difference

Our consulting model is holistic and unique. Operating across industries and geographies as an integrated, cross-functional team, we provide customized solutions and the best of SMT for each client. Today, as one of the leading consulting firms, we help clients with a total transformation: driving complex change, allowing organizations to grow, generating competitive advantage and driving the bottom line.

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Our Delivery Services

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Consulting & Architecture
Design of business technology solutions.
Deployment &   Configuration
Implementation of Cloud solutions in corporate environments.
Operation & Control
Financial, legal and management control of corporate projects.
Management & Support
Monitoring and Cloud managed services
Business Consulting

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a cultural change in the organization, to adopt innovative solutions based on technology.

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Our Capabilities

We have developed capabilities on modern, agile and easy-to-implement technologies to achieve successful project execution.