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Small & Medium Size Business

SUMāTO Cloud empower your business to get access to enterprise solutions. Easy, Fast and Low Prices for SMB company.
  • IT Planning & Assessment
    Process consulting, business needs and IT strategy.
  • IT Outsourcing
    Specialist team working on site.
  • Change Management
    Change Management, productivity training and IT adoption.
  • Management & Support
    Management & Support
    End user support, IT infrastructure management.
  • Messaging and Collaboration
    Corporate email platform, instant messaging, video conferences, shared content and collaboration suite.
  • Web Portal
    CMS Content
    Design, Creation and Administration of content for intranet, web pages and corporate portals.
  • eCommerce
    CMS Content
    Design, Creation and Operation of Online Store.
  • Document Management
    CMS Content
    Document management, approval flows, version control, backup and file restoration.
  • Hosting
    Hosting, servers and cloud infrastructure services.
  • Virtual Desktops
    Virtual desktops, development, tests and quality environments.
  • Backup & Storage
    Low cost Storage, archive and data warehouse.
  • WIFI - High Speed
    Network & Communications
    High-speed and corporate WIFI solution.